WordPress Installation

WordPress is a fantastic, open source, content management system which is great for presenting podcast and videocast series. We can install WordPress as part of your website, as a sub-domain of your website, or as a completely new domain.

Here are a few reason why you should consider using WordPress as a way of presenting your podcast or videocast:

It automatically generates an RSS feed.

It automatically generates RSS auto discovery links in the header so anyone visiting the page can see an RSS symbol displayed (depending on browser) and subscribe easily.

If you want, it allows comments and feedback on the episodes – all SPAM filtered.

It can automatically generate a Google Sitemap XML file and keep it up to date.

It will automatically ping various directories every time an episode is published.

It is very well optimised for SEO – the search engines love WordPress sites/pages.

It has a miriad of plugins allowing really cool things like Social Bookmarking helpers at the bottom of each episode.

The episodes can be categorised, allowing ease of search and providing bait for search engine spiders such as Technorati.

It provides full text search of the episode descriptions.

It give you the flexibility to write whatever you want against each episode (include pictures for example) – whatever you write will automatically be in the RSS feed (text only but fully HTML formatted).

It displays podcasts and video in a nice flash player automatically.