A guide to embedded audio players

by andy on July 8, 2009

We have compiled this list of embedded flash players aimed primarily at web masters who wish to present MP3 audio files on their websites in an attractive and user-friendly way.

Feel free to copy the source HTML code for your own use but please:-

  • be aware that some of the players require a license fee for commercial use;
  • don’t link directly to the players on this site; copy them to your own site (license permitting).

JW FLV Media Player

The JW FLV Media Player is a flash player which requires a license for commercial use. Various parameters can be controlled via flashvars.

Dewplayer Mini

The Dewplayer Mini is a free flash player. It has a very simple and elegant design, but nothing can be customised – it’s always this size and green!

Odeo MP3 Player

Odeo has a pretty nice player but it requires you to type the exact duration of the song in the embed code. You can skip this step but then the progress bar won’t reflect the true status when you play the song. There’s also no volume controls.

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