Tate Liverpool offers audio guide downloads

by Andy White on December 8, 2007

Forget horrid, old-fashioned tape players with uncomfortable headphones – now you can use your iPod to guide you around the 2007 Turner Prize at Tate Liverpool.

Tate Liverpool are offering free audio guide downloads from their Turner Prize mini site. Visitors can now walk around the exhibition at their own pace and listen to prize judges talk about the careers of the four featured artists.

The MP4 format means that video iPods can also display visuals of the artists’ work.

Jemima Pyne, communications manager at Tate Liverpool, said: “It is important that Tate offers its visitors as much information as possible about the exhibition and the four nominated artists, to help people get more out of their visit.

“The fact that the guide is also downloadable from the Tate website allows visitors to see the guide before they visit.”
Significance to Internet marketers

A great example of the use of what I call a supplementary podcast. I think I’m the first to use this term ;-) These are podcasts designed to be listened to/watched while doing a specific activity, thus enhancing the user’s experience of that activity.

Tate Liverpool have made the podcasts available both on their website AND in iTunes – good move.

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